About Christoffah

Hey guys!


Thank you for visiting my blog, I do hope you can get something out of my posts in any way possible. I’m Chris and I’m from a tropical utopia in the middle of bum *%#) nowhere! Living on an island can be quite difficult, but also extremely beautiful at times.


Bermuda is a British island territory in the North Atlantic, off the eastern U.S., known for its distinctive blend of British and American culture and pink-sand beaches. Bermudians are known for their distinctive nature in friendly hospitality and our exquisite charm for life, love and happiness.
Being born and raised on a 21-mile long island with a smear population of only 65,000 people definitely has been one of the best things I could have ever asked for in life. Although we have limited access to real-world enmities such as McDonalds (Which I crave for now and then), Big huge malls, theme parks and the ability to travel in a car for endless of hours, Bermuda is a great place to start a family. The community is small, everyone is your auntie or uncle, and life seems more ‘at home’ then other countries in the world.
Despite being born and raised here, I have citizenship in Canada and Portugal as well, giving me the ability to own my EU passport. I have access to basically live anywhere in the world, which is one of my most prized possessions.
I love to travel, and I have always wanted to be a pilot since I could first take my steps and even speak my first words. The ability to travel nowadays has become even more accessible and easy. Visiting different nations, learning new cultures, and meeting people with different ethnicities is one of my most treasured goals that I continue to shoot for in life.
I strongly believe in life without worry. I despise the idea of hatred or regret, and if you ask anyone I know, chances are they’ll say that I am quite care-free, but also one of the most caring individuals you may meet. I know, I’m quite the contradicting kind of twat there is.
I studied in Canada for one year after attending a catholic high-school, where I made the most stupid but also smartest (see?) decisions yet and study physics. Albeit it was nice to live in a huge, new country, it was also bloody cold.
I spend my time nowadays working in retail (blah), making enough money so I can plan my next trip ahead and journey on into this great big world that we share. Stay in touch with my blog regularly for updates on what’s grizzlin’ in my life.
(If you dare to put up my crap.)
Chris Peichoto
Hamilton, Bermuda

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